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Instant Noodle

SF-E Automatic Flow Pack Packaging Machine
suitable for packaging daily necessities, bread, mooncake, industrial components and other regular, solid products.
SF-D Automatic Upward-Film-Feeding Packaging Machine
Suitable for multiple collective packaging such as sausages, ham sausage, fresh noodles, five-pack instant noodles, multiple packages of milk, instant noodles, rice vermicelli, rice noodles, etc.
SF-DH3 Automatic Three-servo Upward-Film-Feeding Box Motion Packaging Machine
Suitable for compact packaging of tall items, shorter bags and long items, as well as collective packaging of loose, irregular products.
SF-R Automatic Thermal Shrinkage Packaging Machine
is suitable for shrink film packaging of dairy products, milk tea, cosmetics, daily necessities, bowls and noodles.
Instant Noodle Secondary Packing Machine With Auto Feeding System
1.Connecting with instant noodle primary auto feeding&packing machine, noodle pack rush into the stock bin and make accumulation there.
2.There are various feeding way combination such as robot or mechanism feeding system, just depend on your product packing format and capacity request.
3.Such secondary auto feeding&packing system could also widely used for biscuit packs and snack packs secondary feeding and packing. Customized packing solution is offered for each customer.
4.Rotating type or box motion type packing machine for choice.
5.Packing machine provide various functions, such as film auto splicer, auto rejection system, film offset auto detecting&correction system, film tension auto control system, anti-cutting, etc.
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