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SF-EH3 Automatic Three-servo Box Motion Packaging Machine
Suitable for compact packaging of tall items, shorter bags and long items. Quick-frozen products, large tray products, etc.
SF-D Automatic Upward-Film-Feeding Packaging Machine
Suitable for multiple collective packaging such as sausages, ham sausage, fresh noodles, five-pack instant noodles, multiple packages of milk, instant noodles, rice vermicelli, rice noodles, etc.
SF-CXH Automatic Highspeed Rotary Box Motion Packaging Machine
suitable for packaging of medicine plates, medical supplies and tablets.
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Qingdao Songben Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd was found in 2003, with professional experience in full-automatic packaging line, automatic feeding system, automatic flow wrapper and packaging-related electric component manufacture. 

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