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Based on the idea of "Provide customers with the products they really need and solve their packaging problems for customers.", Qingdao Songben Packaging Machinery will direct the product research and development focus to the front line of the market, and make improvements based on the different requirements from different customers. Several new inventions and patents, such as the five-string instant noodle stack-up system and the full-automatic candy arrangement and feeding system, have filled the domestic technical gap. While absorbing foreign advanced technology, the company continues to increase its independent innovation efforts, and strives to develop new projects, new technologies and new patents every year, every season and every month. With our high-quality, highly-educated technology research and development team, Qingdao Songpine Packaging Machinery is able to maintains its leading role in both domestic and international market.

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Qingdao Songben Packing Machinery Co., Ltd was established in November 1, 2003, is a professional manufacturer in highly-cutomized automation packaging line design and manufacture, including automatic product arrangement, feeding, primary and secondary packaging.



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