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Biscuit On Edge Packing Machine With Slug Loading System

1.The on edge biscuit full automatic feeding&packing line consist of biscuit stacker, main distribution belt, climbing belt conveyor, vibration feeding channels, slug loading system and biscuit on edge packing machine.
2.Biscuit stacker auto stack the biscuits coming in flat.
3.Main distribution belt conveyor distribute the stacked biscuit lanes in each channel, then each group of biscuit lanes go up to climbing belt conveyor.
4.Biscuits accumulate in vibration feeding channels, then go into slug loader.
5.Slug loader take biscuit by volume measurement or counting according to different project request, then drop biscuits into packing machine’s feeding conveyor.
6.Biscuit on edge packing machine have several speed configuration(up to 250packs/minute) to satisfy different project and capacity demand.
7.Packing machine provide various functions, such as film auto splicer, auto rejection system, film offset auto detecting&correction system, film tension auto control system, etc.
8.Offer customized packing solution for each customer. The system is capable to handle both plain biscuit and cream biscuit.
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