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SF-W Automatic Tray-less Flow Pack Packaging Machine

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SF-W Automatic Tray-less Flow Pack Packaging Machine

Suitable for fast packaging of biscuits, wafer foods and other various plate-shaped or round-shaped regular products without tray.
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Suitable for fast packaging of biscuits, wafer foods and other various plate-shaped or round-shaped regular products without tray.
Special recommendation:
This machine is an automatic packaging machine specially designed for biscuits, wafers and other collective packaging without trays. This machine achieves fast packaging of multiple pieces in a single row.
Machine features:
1. Using one or two servo motor, the control is more precise and realize stepless speed control, which can be dynamically adjusted during operation.
2. Adopting a large full-colored touch screen HMI which realize the storage and recall of packaging data (recipe), automatic adjustment, tracking, finding the cut point, alarm warning, fault indication, accumulative packaging counting, automatic display of bag length, speed, and accurate cutting.
3. Adopting photoelectric detection and two-way tracking can effectively eliminate packaging errors and avoid material waste.
4. The new horizontal sealing design allows sealing at a low temperature, reducing packaging material waste and film scalding during power-off.
6. Eliminates the need for trays in packaging to save packaging cost.
Model SF-W 450/150
Packaging material max. width (mm) 450

Product size

L: length (mm)

B: width (mm)

H: height (mm)




Production capacity (bags/min) 30~80
Dimensions (mm) 5000×960×1750
Packaging materials Composite films suitable for heat-sealing packaging: OPP/PE, PT/PE, AL/PE, etc.
Total weight (kg) 1300
Power supply Single-phase 220V,50HZ
Total power 5KW


According to the different packaging materials and packaging requirements, the specific technical parameters will be changed, and the technical parameters confirmed by both parties shall prevail.







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