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SF-C Automatic Flow Pack Packaging Machine
Suitable for small pieces of biscuits, bread, cakes, medicines and other solid-state products or packaging of products that require inflation and alcohol spray.
Wafer Full Automatic Feeding&Packing Line
1.The wafer full automatic feeding&packing line consist of main distribution belts, scrapping system, servo feeding belts, cutting&pushing system, and packing machine.
2.Main distribution belts connect with wafer cutting machine, baffle system straighten and separate each wafer book into single ordered rows.
3.Scrapping system send single wafer rows into following servo feeding belts, where wafer spacing are eliminated there.
4.Double lane cutting&pushing system cut wafer blocks into smaller pieces, then push wafer into packing machine’s conveyor, which greatly reduce standing space and effectively avoid smaller wafer pieces disorder during transfer.
5.Besides multi-piece plain wafer auto packing solution, single piece wafer packing, chocolate coated wafer packing solutions are also available.
6.Rotating type and box motion type packing machine are available to choose according to customer detailed demand.
7.Packing machine provide various functions, such as film auto splicer, auto rejection system, film offset auto detecting&correction system, film tension auto control system, etc.
SF-EH3 Automatic Three-servo Box Motion Packaging Machine
Suitable for compact packaging of tall items, shorter bags and long items. Quick-frozen products, large tray products, etc.
SF-E Automatic Flow Pack Packaging Machine
suitable for packaging daily necessities, bread, mooncake, industrial components and other regular, solid products.
SF-W Automatic Tray-less Flow Pack Packaging Machine
Suitable for fast packaging of biscuits, wafer foods and other various plate-shaped or round-shaped regular products without tray.
SF-D Automatic Upward-Film-Feeding Packaging Machine
Suitable for multiple collective packaging such as sausages, ham sausage, fresh noodles, five-pack instant noodles, multiple packages of milk, instant noodles, rice vermicelli, rice noodles, etc.

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